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PagePuppet Key Features

Having a website that uses a CMS (Content Management System) is great. Most of the changes that you're likely to make on a regular basis are things you can do yourself, without having to call a designer or programmer. Some CMS options out there require that you base your website on a template that you can only customize within certain parameters.

PagePuppet works a different way. You start with your very own design - whether it's one you create yourself, have a designer create, or hire us to create for you - and PagePuppet inserts your content seamlessly into that design. Whether your design is simple, complex, traditional, modern or anything in between, PagePuppet will display your content in any div or table cell.

And unlike many CMS products, PagePuppet is very CSS-friendly, meaning you can style the content that it outputs just like you would any other content on your site: Using standard CSS.

PagePuppet is based on the idea of modules, each of which handles a particular type of content. There's a module for updating your home page text. Another one for photo galleries. And one for posting News updates.

In fact, we've already got a bunch of modules that handle different types of content, and we'll continue to add more. Or, if you have a specific module in mind, we can probably develop it for you for an additional fee.

Current Modules

Here's the current list of PagePuppet Modules. Check back every once in a while as we add to this list when we introduce new modules. Or, if you have a particular module in mind, let us know and we'll tell you what it would cost to develop it for you.

  • About Us / Bio
  • Art Galleries (JPG + PNG)
  • Audio Library (MP3)
  • Blurbs (general text)
  • Client List
  • Credits (for actors + other performers)
  • Documents (PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT)
  • Events
  • Home Page Text
  • Links
  • News
  • Photo Galleries (JPG + PNG)
  • Products (includes photos)
  • Staff Members
  • Talent (for talent agencies; includes photos + audio clips)
  • Testimonials
  • Video Clips (Flash video + YouTube)
  • Web Comics

Easy Peasy

PagePuppet is easy to use...log in, click on a module such as News, fill out a form, click Save. That's about it! In fact, we believe in PagePuppet's ease of use so much, we run our own site on it.'re looking at a site powered by PagePuppet right now.

Best of all, PagePuppet is an affordable, complete website solution, offering fast, reliable web hosting, e-mail at your own domain name and the PagePuppet CMS all for just $9.99 / month (paid yearly).

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PagePuppet™ is a trademark of Genusus.

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